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  • Procurement Assistant

    Time:2021-07-22 Views:393

    1. Pre-procurement work: quote, compare and select high quality suppliers.
    2. Correction, collation and custody of contracts.
    3. Collect supplier information and establish information database.
    4. Sign for qualified products and input them into ERP System timely, and return unqualified products.
    5. Packaging and inspection of products.
    6. Tracking afloat goods.
    7. Recording, collation and archiving of procurement documents.

    1. Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacy and other related majors; College degree and above.
    2. Good communication skills and strong sense of responsibility.
    3. Having the awareness of cost control and proposing cost control schemes.
    4. Good sense of service and cooperation.
    5. Be good at office: Word,Excel,PDF,WPS.
    6. Relevant experience is preferred.

    Number of demands: 2
    Gender: unlimited
    Salary: Negotiable
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